Sunday, December 27, 2009

Phone Photos

I got a new storage chip for my phone from my Father-in-law for my birthday and have been loving the ability to just snap photos even when I don't have my other two cameras with me. Here are some funny ones that I am sure you will enjoy...

This photo was taken on the way to Christmas at the lake. We left on Christmas day and WOW! We had an adventure getting there since it snowed and there was ice everywhere that morning to where people's cars were stranded on the side of the road everywhere! As we approached I-20 all these trucks were just stranded and still with no one in them and no one going anywhere. It was a very weird eerie thing to see. Tons of trucks were also in parking lots all around the highway. They actually closed down I-20 the evening before and that morning.

Gracey loves to snuggle. Here she is at Christmas while we played Catan. Her favorite thing is to hide her nose. Sometimes she hides her whole head, but I thought it was super cute that this time she just hid her sniffer.

Gracey and I took a walk the day before it snowed, it was HOT that day, like in the 70's! The next morning we were on our way to the lake and her water bowl was still full, but not with water...with ICE!

I wasn't feeling well one day so Gracey and I stayed in our robes and relaxed!

Bryan eagerly waiting for his cookies! He was SO cute!

Bryan and I have a king size bed and we need every bit of it...Gracey really likes to be right in between us. For a while there, every morning I woke up, she was under the covers just like person half way with her head where our heads would be. I snapped this photo...I couldn't help it.

I was on the computer doing something and Bryan was talking to me and I turned around and this is what I saw! I laughed really hard.

Gracey LOVES laundry day. I decided to snuggle her in the toasty warm towels that came out of the dryer. She didn't budge for hours!

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Katelyn said...

My dad will sometimes holler at us if a fresh batch of towels just finished in the drier - me and my mom will pile on the couch and dad will dump the warm towels. It's great!