Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yesterday morning I woke up super late and was still half a sleep when I straggled out of the bedroom. Bryan must have been just as tired, if not more, than I because he set our house alarm for the wrong setting and as soon as I walked one inch out into the open the whole system went off. Our house has hard floors so the resounding waves of screeching terror set my heart racing and Gracey, as unsuspecting as I, nearly didn't make it to the back door to pee. Granted, as Bryan gleefully noted, I did wake up rather quickly after that. No need for caffeine!

Gracey had an unsuspected last minute visit to the vet again last week and had an x-ray done on her abdomen to see her liver. I walked into the exam room and the doctor and assistant were laughing really hard and I was told to look on the x-ray. Apparently her stomach was SUPER DUPERLY full and on the x-ray it looked like most of what she was composed of was her stomach. She did just eat and we stopped by the bank and of course she had to have a bone there! But after we all calmed down (with little snickering throughout the whole talk as we kept having to consult the x-ray) we did see her liver is smaller than it needs to be indicating that there is a shunt, but we don't know what kind it is yet. It can either be a large vascular shunt (which means a blockage) that will need to be operated on, or small capillary shunts that can be aided with medicine and diet. We will have to travel next week to see the specialist and get the ultra sound. I am very worried about her. I hope this wont need surgery.

On the note of laughing, I have a very sad but amusing story. Bryan had a contact appointment last week. He wears glasses, but has not liked the glare, so I decided he at least needed to try contacts. He obliged and the doctor put them in his eyes. He had a "lesson" after to be able to take them out and put them in and I was SO tickled and could not stop laughing! Isn't that terrible? I just had the most uncontrollable laughing urge and Bryan was trying so hard to get them in and fluttering his eyes and looking to me for encouragement and there I was laughing! AHHHH! I felt so horrible. But he has done so much better, yet sadly last night he ripped one and we had to ceremonially flush it down the toilet. Oh, we it lasted a couple of days!

On a serious note I feel like the Lord is doing great things within my heart and I am looking forward to this year. I feel like the Lord gives me titles to different seasons in my life and the other day I realized the one I am in and it is a season of "experience." It may be experiencing Him in different ways, or experiencing fun and adventure with Bryan, or purposefully experiencing hard things or different types of people and circumstances that I can pray for or love through. I turn 30 this year...I can't believe it. It seems so old. But in some ways I feel like I have just begun to understand jewels of wisdom of who God is, although it is simply a tiny speck of sand on a huge endless beach. I don't always know what lies ahead. I don't always like what I experience. But maybe somehow in the quietness of something beautiful and unchanged I can really come to understand what faith is really about.

My friend Cari (EEE) is back safely in the US. She was traveling to the airport the day the second earthquake took place. I was able to talk with her for 1 1/2 hours the other day and even still I could talk more. She was able to tell me a lot about where she was and what happened. She explained the first big earthquake felt like she was in a plane with bad turbulence and shaking and said it went on for a long time. People outside said the ground rippled like someone flapping sheet metal up and down. Fences looked like paper rippling and lots of people were just screaming everywhere. Feel free to check out Elsa's Missions web page at and help in anyway you feel led to and keep up with restoration efforts.

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