Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Phone Photos 2/Gracey Update

Bryan and I got your new Bibles! We have been praying for a translation that both is accurate and easy to read. We decided on the New King James Version as it does not exclude text from the original documents (like John 5)

Oh, how I LOVE my chocolate cake! Bryan came home from work one day with our own PERSONALIZED cake slices....YUMMY! Can't you see the authentic delight in my face?

It is a little cold in our house (because of the windows) so we love the snuggle. Gracey wrapped herself in my hoodie...she had NO help, promise!

This has to be one of my favorites. Do you know how many doctor offices I have sat through? Well, this was Gracey's vet visit and I was bored as we were waiting for her test results. She kind of hoped on Bryan's back and just sat there, waited and listened to what was going on the the office. She was adorable.

Gracey is still having problems with her liver. She will be seeing a specialist soon and we will know if she has a shunt in her liver and how we will be able to treat it. She seems to be acting ok, but there have been times where she yelps if I pick her up the wrong way. It is really sad because I know she is trying so hard to get better. We did get to participate in PETS the other day and I was SO happy! She is a little out of practice, but I know she will warm up again to being around the hospital.

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Mandy said...

Oh my gosh, CUTE picture of her on Brian's back. Also, I think I would love your vet's office! Gorgeous floor.
I have the New King James Version, and I must say I do really like it. I don't like some of the newer versions so much that have a lot of English slang and whatnot in them, because there are so many different ways to interpret some of those words. I think the NKJV is a lot more direct. :) Good pick. And those Bibles are beautiful!