Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Temporary Newest Squeegee

We are respite foster parents for a little while and have a sweet little girl! Please pray for her. She is such a little joy to behold. We are loving every bit of it. I haven't been able to whip out the big honker camera yet, but just wait until I can get my lens of this kiddo! She has a smile full of dimples that can just melt your heart.

Of course a squeegee is technically a tool used to scrape water off surfaces, but in my world it is a universal term for anything cute that crawls on the ground and scurries like a squeegee making noise...see it makes sense now, huh? My sister and I use this word so much I actually forget that other people don't use it to describe everything...even yesterday when I was picking her up I used it saying, "I need to squeegee the straps on the car seat up" and then later I realized they probably had no clue what I was saying! LOL!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My New Flower

Thank you for the reminder Jenn.

Gourmet Chawennie (Gracey Prognosis)

Gracey's biopsy came back on Tuesday and it confirms what we have been suspicious of, she has microvascular dysplasia. These are tiny blood clots that inhibit her from getting adequate blood flow to her liver and therefor causes it to be smaller and explains the abnormal bile acid response (the tests we had to drop her off at the vet for and they took a blood sample and then did again 2 hours after they fed her to see what kind of reaction her liver produces to food).

Gracey's Boo-Boo Belly. They had to shave her for the test.
Up in her right chest corner is where they did the biospy...there's 2 little puncture wounds.

She was in some pain last Thursday after the biopsy and I had to brave the snow storm and go out in a star wars like atmosphere (all the white snow reflecting off my cars headlights look like I am beaming through outer space!) to go get her medicine called in to a CVS. The doctor said there shouldn't be more pain then if taken blood from a regular needle, but she squeaked and whined every time she moved and I was not about to let her feel pain all night long. I know she has a high pain level and she wouldn't be reacting that way if she wasn't really hurting.

So what now? Well, we treat it with diet, vitamins and medicine (when she needs it). I tell you what though, Gracey is just LOVING this. I literally have been cooking for her these last few days and she has been on cloud 9! I know there are LD (Liver Diet) foods for dogs, but Gracey will have nothing to do with them, so it leaves me being a chef for her! I have been trying to research the best options for her and turkey, chicken, veggies (carrots & peas), rice, and potatoes are the ingredients I found that are most helpful to her. I know you can pay someone to make a personalized food for her, but I don't have that kind of money and I am willing to do it myself! So I call Gracey the Gourmet Chawennie now.

*If you know any information that would be helpful as I consider what to make for Gracey please let me know! Thanks!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gracey's Back

We just got back from picking up the Squeegee, aka Gracey. Poor thing is very sore and groans when she moves, but she came through ok and we will know the results of the biopsy on Tuesday the earliest because of the weather. It is snowing like CRAZY here! I don't even know if we will be able to leave tomorrow, but I'm not worried about it. Gracey needs to rest and not be jostled around a lot anyway. Poor thing is HUNGRY and she drank an entire bowl of water as soon as we were in the car. I love her so much and I just want to know that she is ok and that we are doing what we can to find out. I am glad she wont need surgery though! Thanks for all the prayers! Gracey appreciates it!

Pray For Gracey

We reluctantly dropped Gracey off at the specialist this morning and they called a little while ago to tell us there is no shunt, which means unfortunately they will be doing what I did not want to happen, a liver biopsy. I talked with the doctor who will do the procedure and he seemed very nice. She will go under at 2pm and the doctor told me he would call me to let us know how she did and so I can be sure there was no complications with bleeding or coming out of the anesthetics. It is so weird not having her with me today and I can't wait to go get her and snuggle with her all night. We made it here before the snow came and will stay am extra night as it will continue all day and night. Hopefully it will clear enough for us to go home tomorrow. Please pray for our sweet little Gracey...I hate to think she could be in pain. I will update later when we are back from the hospital.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

2 Funny (and clean) Super Bowl Commericals

How is it that a Budweiser commercial can bring tears to my eyes!????

Monday, February 08, 2010

Hip-Hip-Hurray! It's My Beloved's B-day!

Bryan at 2 years old!

My most favorite day of the year has officially arrived! It is the most spectacular of beloved's Birthday! I can honestly say I have been waiting for this day for a while! I am going to bake a yummy cake, make a Hungarian dinner, and wrap some seriously suspicious boxes in which the secrecy of have been driving me crazy! I feel so bad he had to work one of the longer scheduled days today, but it will give me time to have everything ready when he walks in the door! Thank You Jesus for my wonderful husband who I will NEVER get tired of celebrating.

Bryan now...even cuter then ever!

Friday, February 05, 2010

And He Makes Me Laugh

Bryan is seriously the most fun person I know. But the greatest thing about his ability to amuse me, is that it happens when he really isn't even trying. Just recently we went for a walk and I spotted this bush that simply NEEDED someone to act as though it had swallowed them. Of course Bryan was there to help me visually see my thought come true! It reminds me of the old days at Mc. Donalds with the Hamburgler play ground. Do you remember that? It was big and round and one could climb up to the top and crawl around! Ahh, the good ole' days! Now we have the complicated hamster-like playgrounds with ball pits and video game stations...what is our world coming to?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage

I know it's not Christmas, but I watched a Christmas movie called "Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage." I wasn't very interested in it when it came out, but it was available to check out at the library and I had no agenda for the evening, so I rented it. Besides one very nasty girl character which I fast forwarded every time she was on, it actually was good as it represented life being expressed in art. One particular quote from the movie was "Art isn't about the artist, it is about life, beauty, love and emotion. Art should bring emotion that can topple tyranny." Another thing I will remember about it was Thomas Kinkade's mentor told him, I wont teach you HOW to do art, (paint in this case), but I want to teach you WHY. We can learn to do so many amazing things in life, but if there is no purpose or reason behind it...if there is no why, then it is hollow and useless.


What comforts the mourning soul?
When unbearable sorrow falls on ones heart, where can it go for relief?
Does the agreement of injustice soothe?
Can the idea of moving on somehow lessen pain?
I cannot grasp the affects of death
it cannot be measured tangibly
There's nothing more numbing than being slapped unexpectedly with Time itself
It wounds, it heals
It is not loyal to one or the other
It's as if you woke to a world that you have lived in your whole life that truly was never there
A trick, a deceit
Can the ones who long to kill sorrow succeed?
It is a lonely place, the sting of death, and one that no one can manage for you
How I wish to ease the heart
show it memories that feed hope, but they too fade away
I cannot hold this emotion, hit it and fight it with my passionate hate
It is not physical, but Oh how it is felt, tasted, and seen
So now I just wait and pray for the long road of healing to begin
and somehow offer a prayer that she travel it soon
however long it may take to reach the end

*for Kaci St. John who lost her husband Jason on 2/1/2010.