Friday, February 19, 2010

Gourmet Chawennie (Gracey Prognosis)

Gracey's biopsy came back on Tuesday and it confirms what we have been suspicious of, she has microvascular dysplasia. These are tiny blood clots that inhibit her from getting adequate blood flow to her liver and therefor causes it to be smaller and explains the abnormal bile acid response (the tests we had to drop her off at the vet for and they took a blood sample and then did again 2 hours after they fed her to see what kind of reaction her liver produces to food).

Gracey's Boo-Boo Belly. They had to shave her for the test.
Up in her right chest corner is where they did the biospy...there's 2 little puncture wounds.

She was in some pain last Thursday after the biopsy and I had to brave the snow storm and go out in a star wars like atmosphere (all the white snow reflecting off my cars headlights look like I am beaming through outer space!) to go get her medicine called in to a CVS. The doctor said there shouldn't be more pain then if taken blood from a regular needle, but she squeaked and whined every time she moved and I was not about to let her feel pain all night long. I know she has a high pain level and she wouldn't be reacting that way if she wasn't really hurting.

So what now? Well, we treat it with diet, vitamins and medicine (when she needs it). I tell you what though, Gracey is just LOVING this. I literally have been cooking for her these last few days and she has been on cloud 9! I know there are LD (Liver Diet) foods for dogs, but Gracey will have nothing to do with them, so it leaves me being a chef for her! I have been trying to research the best options for her and turkey, chicken, veggies (carrots & peas), rice, and potatoes are the ingredients I found that are most helpful to her. I know you can pay someone to make a personalized food for her, but I don't have that kind of money and I am willing to do it myself! So I call Gracey the Gourmet Chawennie now.

*If you know any information that would be helpful as I consider what to make for Gracey please let me know! Thanks!

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Leah said...

Awwww, what a good doggie momma! Best wishes to you and Gracey!! Pug hugs and kisses from the Denver Duo!