Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pray For Gracey

We reluctantly dropped Gracey off at the specialist this morning and they called a little while ago to tell us there is no shunt, which means unfortunately they will be doing what I did not want to happen, a liver biopsy. I talked with the doctor who will do the procedure and he seemed very nice. She will go under at 2pm and the doctor told me he would call me to let us know how she did and so I can be sure there was no complications with bleeding or coming out of the anesthetics. It is so weird not having her with me today and I can't wait to go get her and snuggle with her all night. We made it here before the snow came and will stay am extra night as it will continue all day and night. Hopefully it will clear enough for us to go home tomorrow. Please pray for our sweet little Gracey...I hate to think she could be in pain. I will update later when we are back from the hospital.

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Katie said...

Poor Gracey. You can count on prayers from us!! Keep us posted!! :(