Wednesday, February 03, 2010


What comforts the mourning soul?
When unbearable sorrow falls on ones heart, where can it go for relief?
Does the agreement of injustice soothe?
Can the idea of moving on somehow lessen pain?
I cannot grasp the affects of death
it cannot be measured tangibly
There's nothing more numbing than being slapped unexpectedly with Time itself
It wounds, it heals
It is not loyal to one or the other
It's as if you woke to a world that you have lived in your whole life that truly was never there
A trick, a deceit
Can the ones who long to kill sorrow succeed?
It is a lonely place, the sting of death, and one that no one can manage for you
How I wish to ease the heart
show it memories that feed hope, but they too fade away
I cannot hold this emotion, hit it and fight it with my passionate hate
It is not physical, but Oh how it is felt, tasted, and seen
So now I just wait and pray for the long road of healing to begin
and somehow offer a prayer that she travel it soon
however long it may take to reach the end

*for Kaci St. John who lost her husband Jason on 2/1/2010.

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