Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Room # ***4

The last thing she said to me was "I Love you."
I barely know her.
Just five minutes ago we meet.
Gracey walked proudly to her hospital bed and climbed in right next to her side and snuggled.
Not something typical for Gracey right off the bat
Isn't it amazing that you can tell someone so much about your life when you don't even know them at all?
A connection of the heart
A drop of insecurity and fear
Knowing that EVERYONE has fear
Why don't we come to terms with it, get past it, and take a chance with someone we don't know and love them?
A risk to open our lives
A risk we should take with joy
We chatted about losses, hopes, and dreams
I shared about Natalie and she told me about her dog whom she missed as she pet the now falling asleep Gracey at her side
She listened to me when I should have been the one being there for her
She was after all in the hospital bed, not me
Gracey relaxed and closed her eyes
So many faces we both see
In and out of rooms,
In and out of moments of pain, perseverance, and frustration
In and out of lives
Linking us together in plight
Tears pooled in my eyes
I asked her if I could give her a hug and kiss
and with admiration kissed her fragile forehead
I told her she is a blessing to me today, more than she could know
She had tears rolling down her cheeks
I had to go
5 minutes is all it took to show love and feel loved
5 minutes with someone I don't even know,
Room ***4 is she
I should've remembered her name
She was an angel to me
An instant friendship of the heart
We'd pray for each other,
she's praying for me,
I for her
I looked back not wanting to leave and with tears streaming again I said,
"I love you too"

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M said...

:) Awww... I am an emotional soggy mess when I started tearing up over a sweet story like this one.