Wednesday, May 05, 2010

All Around Me

This past Sunday at church our Pastor played the testimony of Lacey, the singer from Flyleaf. I was so touched by the end of it and have been wanting to see and hear her song "All Around Me" again since that day. Knowing she wanted to kill herslef, and that Jesus showed her His Love was worth living for, gives me great joy as she dances around singing "I'm Alive!" Sometimes I wish we all abandoned our pride and danced freely, rejoicing in what the Lord has done! It is no wonder Jesus says we should "become like little children." Just the other day I watched Audriana and tons of other kids dance to live music and was reminded of children's' ability to teach us how to rejoice and be happy.

This is her music video of "All Around Me." SO GOOD!

Lacey's testimony:

PS. If you haven't read Bryan's Blog today, you should. It has truly blessed me. He writes at the end: "The wounds of the believers are the windows to the splendor of God."


Anonymous said...

I love Flyleaf!

M said...

Wow. Thank you for sharing. Lately 'things' have been hitting home with me, and this interview is one of them.