Friday, May 21, 2010

Hungering For Jesus

"...he who feeds on Me will live because of Me."
John 6:57

I'm nearly done with reading Your Word Lord in it's entirety by myself. It's like I have my last piece of chocolate cake and I'm eating it REALLY slow because I want to savor it. I knew I wanted to finish with John, 2 years ago when I began. I gotta tell You, Your confusing sometimes and I still don't know if reading "who begot who" has necessarily deepened my faith. But OH, my heart has widened with knowing Your Love throughout all time both from the beginning until now. I feel privileged to have lived at a time where Your Son, Jesus already came, and having access to His life and Words. If I lived back then, I wouldn't have heard all He said. I guess the privilege lies in the fact it is all together for me to explore and the Holy Spirit guides me into His Wisdom. This happened last night as I read this verse above. It is a weird one, but my spirit was pricked with curiosity and I had to dwell on what it meant.

I wrote:

"How do we "feed" on Jesus? We allow Him to nurture us. Grow us. Provide and satisfy us. Jesus knew the importance of being fed. He uses this analogy numerously throughout the scriptures. He says "I AM the bread of life." John 6:35. He talks about satisfying those who believe in Him that they will never hunger or thirst again. In the beginning of chapter 6, before He even began teaching the crowds, He fed them. He did a miracle with the fish and bread, and fed their bodies, so He could fed their spirits too. Jesus knows our physical hunger is tied to our emotions. He demonstrates His Love and Compassion by showing His Love in providing what our bodies need in food. In this world there is so much we can "feed" on. Trash TV, horrible worthless music, movies that shouldn't be legal, drama we cause and propel, and also anger and many other "junk food." ALL these things "feed" us whether we acknowledge it or not. Jesus asks us in this very short verse to draw what supports our life, eating and nurturing our bodies from Him, from Truth. He will help us grow. We ALL know what it feels like to be hungry. Wisely, He used this physical need to express how much He wants to feed us, and this "spiritual food" will cause Life, not darkness or death. Just today I met a very rude woman who blew me away by her rudeness so much so, that I couldn't even respond until she was gone. If I allowed that to fuel my spirit then I would be an incredibly angry person. I rather choose Jesus, even though it feels harder sometimes. I believe Him, I believe He will nurture me with His Truth and it will bring Life."


Joyfully said...

Olivia- the begats are VERY important to Jewish people and in the names there is a story if you look at the original Hebrew names and the order. VERY interesting!

I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I was just thinking the other day how much God has really molded your heart. I see the effects of His WORD in your life, and it's beautiful.

love, Melissa

BK said...

This is one of the best blogs I've ever read. I love you, Olivia.