Thursday, May 13, 2010

Incredibly Blessed by Purple

I have to say, I was very overwhelmed by your love for these photos. It came at a needed time for me as I have been starting a new medicine for Lupus and been experiencing some yucky side affects. As I received these photos, I truly became more strengthened and encouraged. I posted them, except 1st place, in the order that I got them. Right now I feel tears in my eyes knowing you took the time to remember those like myself, and Kathy (picture below) who struggle daily with Lupus. The first place photo represents so many aspects of Lupus. The Butterfly Rash is one common symptom people with Lupus deal with. It usually is red, swells the face, and even painful or itchy at times. Angela wrote a blog about creating this photo and they even posted a video of what they endured with 5 kids doing it! LOL Each and every photo made a difference to me. I really can't express how blessed I am by this. Thank you ALL so much!!!!

FIRST PLACE, "L.U.P.U.S, Living Uniquely and Purposefully to Undermine Symptoms" (left to right) Lily, Tighe, Ivan, Isaiah, Dominique, Angela, and Emora

Isaiah, Dominique, and Ivan

Angela and Tighe, my sweet butterfly friends.

Maddy, Katie's daughter, is "Looking for a Cure" Katie is my former photography student. She is PRECIOUS and her little girl is so adorable. This photo is done so well, and I am touched by the concept of its depth.

Bryan's photo is called "Fighting Back the Darkness" He has seen and fought the darkness, Lupus, with me so many times. He is my warrior and I am so touched by this photo. I did NOTHING to help him! I don't even know how he did this!

Bryan took this picture for Gracey and it is titled, "Little Warrior" On some of the worst days of my disease, Gracey has been the one who snuggled, licked, and made me laugh, she really is a little warrior in disguise.

This is my friend, Kathy, who also has Lupus. I met her at my reception and was incredibly touched by her warmth and heart as she is going through so much with this disease. I love her sign "Praying for a Cure" Kathy, your smile gives me joy and strength. Thank you.

Kathy, Kristi and sweet little Benjamin. They took these photos for me at church!

"Someone You Know Has Lupus" purple bracelets

"Olive" and Jessica, my Barat (friend in Hungarian). I love both of them so very much. Barat texted me on Monday and said "I'm wearing my purple for you today!'


Angela said...

yeah! so excited to see how people joined with you in the story and carrying the burden even if just by the encouragement of a picture. I didn't even think of adding our dog or cat! Can you have imagined us, with 5 kids, Saba and Smaky? ha,ha. no I think we had enough mayhem as it was.

Katie said...

Awesome pictures!! I love what Angela and Tighe did!! So creative!! I hope you do more of these contests. We had a BLAST!! :)

Julie Bastuk said...

Wow, Livy, these are just awesome!!!