Friday, May 28, 2010

Learning Hebrew

We've been learning Hebrew for the last couple of months using Rosetta Stone. I have really enjoyed it SO much. It is actually a fun thing to do, even though I am beginning to feel a little overwhelmed as the lesson's progress. I like the challenge! Hebrew is a lot harder then the languages I have studied, Hungarian, Greek, and French. Some letters look the same to me, and don't resemble anything I know in English! I know I will get it all in my mind as I keep going.

Bryan put on the head set the other night and from the bedroom I heard him go "AT&T this is Bryan how may I help you?" I laughed so hard. The head set allows you to speak the words as you learn them and it will recognize the right pronunciation in the computer. It is an immersion method of study that doesn't translate anything into English at all. Like children learn a language when they are little, so does this program integrate vocabulary.


Ami said...

The trick to learning Hebrew is thinking backwards - lol.

Katelyn said...

So I take it you are loving Rosetta Stone? I have been back and forth on whether or not to buy it because of the cost and because I just can't decide what language I want to learn. I really do wish we could just learn by osmosis.

Anyway, is it easier to learn with total submersion? If you tell me it is, I may have to just save some money and bite the bullet because I want so badly to know another language!!

Yonatan said...

I recommend a book called 'English Hebrew by Subject' that helps you to learn the vocab and improve your self-expression. Check it out on!