Friday, May 28, 2010


Tighe and I took her kids and Angela's kids, (yes 5 in ALL) to May Farm yesterday as Angela and Brian cleaned the house in preparation to move to Canada tomorrow. I had never been there and to my we exited the car I was SURROUNDED by DONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Tighe, I think in all reality there was 6 kids (counting me!) and her. I had a blast watching the kids and playing with the animals myself. But, of course, the donkey's, in their extra extra extra sad way, trapped my attention. One donkey even KISSED me! I will have to go back out there soon. I wished I lived there!

I will miss Angela, Brian, Ivan, Dominique, and Emora so much. They have been a sweet family to us. Pray for their drive from Texas to Canada, that their U-Haul, Van, and Truck will arrive safely with their belongings and kids. Our town will feel so different without them.

This SAD SAD, EXTRA EXTRA SAD with an EXTRA SIDE of REALLY REALLY REALLY SAD Donkey is for Angela and her family. See, this is how SAD we're all gonna be that they are gone. Now that's some serious SADNESS.


Leah said...

You look so cute in your hat!

M said...

Oh! I think I would love to see those donkeys too! But it would make me sad... :)

Angela said...

sniff sniff, I miss you too, lovely post, I also have a bit of a cold, so sniff sniff for real!