Thursday, June 24, 2010

Empty Nest

Well it's official, we have an empty nest. Every year a family of birds raise their young in the same spot and in the same nest that has been there for 3 years! This year there were four little birds! I named them all but only remember 2 of the names, Flo and Zickefous. It has been more exciting seeing them grow over these weeks then watching TV! I checked on them in the morning and before I went to sleep. I made sure Bryan didn't run over any of them (as they are right above his spot in the drive way). I even found him checking on them several times as well! Yesterday two of them left. And today when I got up the other two were gone as well. I will certainly miss them a lot. I will miss their shrieking little chirps when being fed, seeing their little heads poke up and down, and of course being dive bombed by the Mom AND Dad whenever we went to the cars. I didn't mind!!! I'd probably do the same thing if I were them. I tried my best to snap a couple of photos here and there but because of the location into the light it proved a little more difficult than I thought. Also I didn't want to get too close and get pecked for real!!! They wibbled and wobbled on the nest and then went out on the ledge to explore. I never did witness any leave, which is probably better because I got so nervous they would fall or something worse would happen since they were only several feet away from a very busy street. I did pray for them and asked God that He would let them all make it. There was one point that we didn't see the Mom or Dad come and feed them for an entire day. I truly thought it looked grim, but the next day they came and fed them with fury! I was so relieved. I checked on the nest a little while ago, just to make sure no one was left behind when I heard and felt a swoosh of wind and it was the Mom and Dad and one of their young flying and perched on a branch near by. Maybe they came by to say "hello"? I told Bryan I am going to take the nest down this year, that I can't bear to watch the process again. But something tells me it will remain, a VACANCY sign lit. Little blessings.

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M said...

Awww, I love this story! I, too, had baby birdies this year (I think for the first time, though I noticed the nest last year): Robins. The nest is in my garage, which is old and decrepit, and I never close the old-fashioned garage door, so they come and go as they please. It's so beautiful to be able to witness creation in such a firsthand way, isn't it? Love your photos.