Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gateway to Dreams

Inspired by Grace Photography "Gateway to Dreams"

I've been walking, but mostly searching

Aren't we all?

No one ever told me you spend your whole life "journeying"

I thought when you are an adult you actually "know" something

How funny,

How funny,

we don't

but would I want to anyway?

What is the secret to those who live well?

If they would just whisper to me their jewel, I'd treasure it within gilded delight

How they fade like morning fog

there, and then not

Is it even possible to become this?

Oh God, let me live not as though a door is closed in front of me,

but that there is one You've placed in my reach requiring faith... open.


Ami said...

Is someone missing a door?
Contact Olivia at IBG Photography.

M said...

Beautiful. I love it!

Angela said...

right on and write on!! It's great to hear your thoughts on this. One of the things I'm looking forward to is unpacking this jewel and hanging it in my new home!!!