Friday, June 11, 2010

Stress Test Day

This morning was my heart stress test. Just yesterday my doctor broke the news to me that it required an IV line for the entire 4 hour process. NOOOO!!! But I believe the Lord answered my prayers in having the nicest doctor, technicians, and nurses. Over all, I saw about 20 different people to complete this test. I had 2 super duper LONG scans in a machine that looked as if it wanted to eat me alive. I wish Bryan got a picture of it, it is not an MRI scanner, but this "V" looking apparatus that skims right over your body with NO room to barely even breath. Before the test I had the IV (which I was not able to eat since midnight and doing it made me puke because of the dye taste in my mouth) and the dye inserted in my vein, a scan, tons of waiting, the actual test, and then another dye injection, more waiting, and then another scan in the "V" eating machine. Bryan wasn't allowed in my little room for the actual test, but before as they hooked me up to all kinds of fun gadgets he was there and snapped a couple of photos! It makes me laugh looking at them. I love the oxygen tank in the background! Keep in mind I was SO HUNGRY, TIRED (barely slept last night) and had a yucky IV in my hand.

The funniest thing, however, was after I reached my target heart rate running on the treadmill, I stopped, rested, and had a "recovery" period as they monitored my decline in my heart rate. Once it got back to normal, I could complete the test with the second "V" eating scan. My heart rate was coming down nicely until the technician brought in apple juice and graham crackers! Then I got so excited I was allowed to eat that my heart rate jumped back up. The doctor came back in and asked how my heart rate was as I rested and the technician guy told him "It was fine until I gave her the crackers!!!" We all laughed so hard. I guess I REALLY was visibly happy that I got to eat!

On a good note, the doctor said my test looked real "boring" and smiled, which means that probably things are ok. I will get official results next week. For now, its snuggling with the greatest dog in the whole world and lots and lots of chocolate!


M said...

Wow, I love your positive attitude! I am praying for good results. Enjoy your evening of chocolate and love.

Katie said...

I love the action shots!! :) Glad to hear that things looked normal at the first glance. Here's hoping the final verdict reads the same!! :)

Katelyn said...

I am so glad your stress test wasn't as stressful as it could have been. I am also so glad you had such wonderful nurses, doctors, and technicians - they really do make or break a visit, don't they? :)