Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Explanation of Tears

Why do you suppose God created crying as a way of showing sorrow? Little drops of salty water fall out of our eyes, these two blinking colorful filters used in interpreting our world. Why has He mysteriously decided our bodies would react to grief with this happening? Biochemically and symbolically there must be some tiny jewel hidden within.

Biochemically, when our bodies become upset, we involuntarily initiate a chemical and hormonal overflow of what our bodies need to feel better again. In a away it is our defenses coming to the rescue!!! Hormones and chemicals like prolactin, adrenocorticotropic hormone, and leucine enkephatin rapidly produced as protection against the bad hormones and chemicals we create when we are sad. Our Limbic System (the Hypothalamus) gathers the excess overflow and rids the body of them in the form of tears. The truly amazing aspect of this is the chemicals listed above are ALL positive chemicals needed in an extra doses to help us feel better on our own. They are our bodies own pain killers, anxiety medicines, and endorphins to help us feel happy again. When we cry, it is our body working to help us feel better. And sometimes it works.

But there is something deeper to all of this. Yes, it makes sense in my mind WHY we cry in terms of what our body is reacting to and doing to solve the problem, but why did the Lord chose this?

Tonight I sat quietly in the dark when a warm tear emerged and began its journey down my cheek to wait under my chin for others to come and join it to eventually fall off to the pillow below. It was then I asked the Lord why He created tears, and why are they so important? It seemed silly to question something so minute, but the answer I received from Him went beyond my findings biochemically.

God told me the tears warmly going down my cheek is His warm gentle Hand stroking my cheek in Comfort. He is there with me when my heart is sad enough to cry, for He holds my face in His hands and comforts me as a child. Now when I cry I will think of the tear being the Hand of my God reassuring me with his strong warm Powerful Hands.

*After I journaled this I began drawing a picture I have drawn in several different fashions in relation to crying, sadness, and tears. This time I added a ray of streaming Light through the word in the puddle of tears, that symbolizes God's touch in those moments when I feel sad enough to cry.

He will wipe every tear from their eyes.
Revelation 21:4

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