Friday, July 02, 2010

A Narrow View

The looking glass seeks
to conspire a secret of trickery
one view, yet tainted
an insight, but a narrow specimen
Would the one peering into the unknown
find pride in the outcome?
is it their own doing?
can one claim its result?
Oh no, the mirror reflects what it sees
it does not chose between them
the grass doesn't care who plants it, it grows
the trees reach upward despite circumstance
if it is watered, shined upon and given soil
Look into the small eye piece
Travel down to a "narrow view"
Would a single small spot display ugliness of something truly beautiful?
Can a tiny speck of beauty, really be something ugly?
What do you see?
What do you see?
Who are you when no one benefits from your kindness?
Is confidence more honorable then love?
Is beauty more important than compassion?

*Today while eating lunch, 3 girls sat near us and gawked, sneered, and made fun of an obviously mentally disabled man. He wasn't doing anything to anyone, quietly and alone he sat there and drew on a piece of paper and sipped hot coffee. The judgement went on for over 20 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore. The old man got up and went outside for a moment and the girls took his drawing and began laughing and pointing. I walked over there and told them their behavior made me want to cry. I said other things of how much their rudeness is hurtful...and in their immaturity 2 of them snottily looked down and "ignored" me like I didn't exist. One girl said she was "sorry."

The whole drive home my heart ached in deep grief. Why? Just because he didn't "look like them, talk like them, see the world like them?" I often wonder if he is more normal than we are. I worked with disabled men and women for years. They taught me more about love then a lot of "normal" people, whatever that means. I came home and wrote my heart. I believe so many people have a microscope, they inspect and draw conclusions about what they see.

I can't even comprehend the cruelty in the world. Beyond war or starvation, something to be completely and utterly horrified about is people's hearts and the "obligation" to feel so important or cool and put others down. It's disgusting.


M said...

I got tears in my eyes reading about the old man being made fun is sooo sad and disgusting how some people treat others who are "different". It is so hard to see and experience. My youngest sister has Down Syndrome (she's 14) and Miss J (my 9 yr old foster daughter) has a hard time being nice to her. It's always "Is JENNA coming?" or, "Why does Jenna have to come?" or, "I don't want to sit next to Jenna." Granted, Jenna does have some odd and quirky behaviors, but she has feelings just like anyone else, and I LOVE her. Sometimes I feel like that should be enough for Miss J to understand that she needs to accept Jenna, and it is so hard on me when Miss J acts that way. How do we teach others to love unconditionally? Sometimes it really makes me dislike Miss J (in the moment) when she acts that way...I am trying to understand her and be patient, but it is hard.

Angela said...

I'm with you! So sad that people can have such hurtful attitudes. Help us Lord!!!