Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Sad

So what exactly is "Happy Sad'?

When you have to say good-bye to friends you love who you wont see in a long time and you want to go with them so badly

When one of your sweetest friends sister finds out she has cancer and is only 12 and shows such courage that any adult would crumble under

When God provides money for medicine and car repairs only yesterday you wondered how in the world it would would happen
When you finally get to see progress on a project that was started 3 years ago

When you are handed a handwritten cook book from a true friend who loves you, and is a good cook too

When you can look back on a very stressful time of your life and actually laugh at yourself
When Gracey almost got "married" today (he-he, poor Moki, see picture below)

When your nieces write Uncle "B" a letter to surprise him and it is waiting on the front door for him when he gets home

When your mother-in-law brings you a HUGE box of Cocoa Puff's

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 Seconds

I realized in a new way how amazing 5 seconds could be when I was in a car accident yesterday morning. 5 seconds earlier or later I am sure Gracey and I would have died or the other persons precious children would have been very badly wounded. The odd thing about it was that I really never felt scared or shaky even after it happened. Sadly however the other lady was very upset and irrational. The officer had to step in between her so she couldn't talk to me. Of course you replay things like this in your head over and over again when it happens even though I KNOW my light was green. I had never been in a collision before so I was just trying to deal with all the "what if's" and making myself turn it over to the Lord as much as I could all last night. The damage was SO minor to her car because she was speeding, Stormy (our Faithful transportation station) suffered the brunt of it since I was going so slow. I believe it was a Miracle of the Lord that the airbags didn't go off. Gracey and I were on our way for a walk and then to PETS and she was in my lap. Bryan said she wouldn't have lived through an impact of an airbag, he said I would have been very badly hurt if that happened. Just the night before I couldn't sleep so I was praying and anointing my home and, get this, even Gracey with oil asking God for blessings and protection.

So since then I have been dealing with insurance, adjusters, and getting an estimate all while hoping we will have everything repaired before we leave for the wedding and our anniversary trip next week. I am not mad about the car. I have no anger, everyone makes mistakes. A car is just a car, the kids and their Mom, and Gracey are what I care about and what I did care about immediately after it happened. I am just sad that people have to be so mean to each other. If she was mean right away because of being scared and shocked that is one thing, but she decided to put on a show for the police officer who arrived 30 minutes after it happened. I can honestly say I am asking God to give her peace and that we can consider ourselves blessed and look at all our blessings more closely because life can change in a matter of seconds.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


© 2004-2010 Inspired by Grace Photography

What is it that beckons me forward?
Not mortal or extinguishable,
but everlasting
I'm unwhole
lacking in a desire that keeps my soul in hope
I find no pleasure in the temporary
Yet I look and search for the glimpses of You here
That is what I live for
to find You in such a desperate existence
and somehow thrust it into view

"I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living."

Pslam 27:13

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ami Alon: Kissing the Mirror

Often comes along a book that simply acts as a breath of fresh air. Ami Alon's book, "Kissing the Mirror," is easily one of them. His life reflects the beautiful mystery of ups and downs and the deeper questions that are really being answered along the way. Being called to Israel, he describes as "My People," Ami journeys in his relationship with the Lord, deals with his past, and raises questions that everyone should ask themselves as well. Refusing to put it down, I greedily finished his book in one day. There are so many books (especially Christian books) in our world that tell you what to do, list 5-step "get well" methods, and leave you wondering what in the world is wrong with you that you can't neatly adhere to this "perfect" solution. I chose reality, the ulgy and victorious, the strugglers who have overcome with the Wisdom of God's Love. Ami's book is exactly this. It is an innocent and sincere personal glimpse of the ongoing teachable moments the Lord uses in our lives if we chose to listen. To be honest, I felt like I had more questions from Ami to ask, then him telling me what to think in the book. That is where I feel his wisdom surfaces in this testimonial writing, he leads people to the Lord so we can ask Him, rather than telling us what he believes is truth. Being passionate about the Lord as well as Israel, I found myself relating, crying, LAUGHING hysterically (the poor goat, how could you Ami?!), and finishing it wishing there were more. I know Ami to be a genuine person who truly cares and takes life seriously, but also with grace and humor.

"I don't want him to write his messages to God on paper and plaster them between the cracks in a wall; I want him to write them on his heart and touch holiness itself." pg. 92 Kissing the Mirror

If you would like to order Ami Alon's book please click HERE.