Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ami Alon: Kissing the Mirror

Often comes along a book that simply acts as a breath of fresh air. Ami Alon's book, "Kissing the Mirror," is easily one of them. His life reflects the beautiful mystery of ups and downs and the deeper questions that are really being answered along the way. Being called to Israel, he describes as "My People," Ami journeys in his relationship with the Lord, deals with his past, and raises questions that everyone should ask themselves as well. Refusing to put it down, I greedily finished his book in one day. There are so many books (especially Christian books) in our world that tell you what to do, list 5-step "get well" methods, and leave you wondering what in the world is wrong with you that you can't neatly adhere to this "perfect" solution. I chose reality, the ulgy and victorious, the strugglers who have overcome with the Wisdom of God's Love. Ami's book is exactly this. It is an innocent and sincere personal glimpse of the ongoing teachable moments the Lord uses in our lives if we chose to listen. To be honest, I felt like I had more questions from Ami to ask, then him telling me what to think in the book. That is where I feel his wisdom surfaces in this testimonial writing, he leads people to the Lord so we can ask Him, rather than telling us what he believes is truth. Being passionate about the Lord as well as Israel, I found myself relating, crying, LAUGHING hysterically (the poor goat, how could you Ami?!), and finishing it wishing there were more. I know Ami to be a genuine person who truly cares and takes life seriously, but also with grace and humor.

"I don't want him to write his messages to God on paper and plaster them between the cracks in a wall; I want him to write them on his heart and touch holiness itself." pg. 92 Kissing the Mirror

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Ami Alon said...

It's very humbling, but I confess also very pleasant, to see your name in print.

And yes, I hope 'kissing the mirror' will inspire questions, and that the reader will go to the One with the answers; after all, He's much more qualified than I am.

We can learn from everything and everyone - even that poor pesky goat.

Thank you, Olivia.