Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Sad

So what exactly is "Happy Sad'?

When you have to say good-bye to friends you love who you wont see in a long time and you want to go with them so badly

When one of your sweetest friends sister finds out she has cancer and is only 12 and shows such courage that any adult would crumble under

When God provides money for medicine and car repairs only yesterday you wondered how in the world it would would happen
When you finally get to see progress on a project that was started 3 years ago

When you are handed a handwritten cook book from a true friend who loves you, and is a good cook too

When you can look back on a very stressful time of your life and actually laugh at yourself
When Gracey almost got "married" today (he-he, poor Moki, see picture below)

When your nieces write Uncle "B" a letter to surprise him and it is waiting on the front door for him when he gets home

When your mother-in-law brings you a HUGE box of Cocoa Puff's


Jennifer said...

So sweet! Ur the bestest olivia EVER! Love you so much!

Jennifer said...

P.S Doesn't my sissy have the most amazing blue eyes ever?