Monday, September 27, 2010


Lord, the most wonderful thing I realized during our trip to the Grand Canyon was the feeling of how small I was. I needed that. I needed to feel puny, insignificant and little. So often I feel like all my troubles and trials are HUGE, as if somehow these paths I walked carved my own canyon. Although they have shaped me like the earth carved by flowing water displayed before me, You told me that You are even bigger. Perhaps I spend too much time examining the water, the causes, and I don't take a step back and see the beauty these events have created. I sit in the deeps and get caught up in the flow of survival. I wonder, question, despair, and feel like these situations have somehow defined me even when I struggle to escape their reality. But You do not see them, you see me. I cannot run, so I sit and reflect upon what I saw...a depth of love that stretched as far as I could see. I chose to see the result, and I give Praise to You who reminds me gently that nothing is as it may seem, believe. Believe in the bigger picture, believe in the journey and never ever let anyone take that away from you, even if it is yourself.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Holy, Holy, Holy

At the Grand Canyon!

Holy, Holy, Holy
Lord God Almighty
Early in the morning,
My song shall rise to thee!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday to the Most Splend-weeniest Doggie EVER!

Today is Gracey's 6th BIRTHDAY! Yippie for such a sweet and well loved dog. It was raining all day long so we didn't get to go for a walk, but we did get her little ice cream dish that we do every year and she loved it! In this photo below she is singing "Happy Birthday" with us and barking!

I tried to see if she would share with me, but I didn't get much...she is still really little, so she can learn to share better later.

Happy Birthday to you Gracey,
loving little ball of fur
You truly are an angel from God
to show us how to love unconditionally.
Thank you for blessing me,
you are my best friend.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Fambro!

My beautiful Mother-in-law was married tonight to a very sweet man! I am so wired from the wedding that Bryan and Gracey are fast asleep and I had to upload and look at the photos! I wasn't the photographer tonight, but the Matron of Honor! It felt so good to stand next to Diana and see this dream come true for her! I was also very blessed when they asked Gracey to be there as well. Gary is an amazing veterinarian and it was fitting for a sweet dog to be there and of course the only dog suitable for the occasion was...ummmm....Gracey the splend-weenie! I grabbed my camera as much as I could to snap photos and these were my favorites out of over 150! (Yes, I managed to juggle Gracey, my 20 pound camera, and being the Matron of Honor all at one time!!!, I am Diana's daughter-in-law and that is close enough to Super Woman!!!). I wish I had a couple of the ceremony, but we were all a part of it and I didn't have my camera with me at all. It was a very special time. All of Bryan's brothers were there, as well as Diana's 3 brothers and their wives. We are blessed!!! (And the FIRST thing I did when I got home was play my violin!!! I couldn't wait and wished I had before we left, but it was so early in the morning!)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ilona's First Day of School

If I could sum up my niece Ilona in one photo, it would be this one above of her smiling! She is my precious niece! I was there the moment she was born! I cried and cried from joy! Today she began school for this year and my sister sent me these photos! I love them! You can tell she is so proud of herself! We are too Ilona! I love you sweet girl!!!

My First Violin Lesson!!!!

I just returned from my very first violin lesson with Tighe! And YES, I HAD to bring my camera and take a photo!!! I feel so excited about this! It is a great honor to know someone like Tighe as a neighbor, a friend, and now a teacher. I know it will take practice and determination, but I am asking the Lord to give me these things and beyond that, an ability to use this for is Glory. I remember the first time I heard Tighe play years ago my soul lept in emotion. She has been playing for years and years and has such a strong anointing from the Lord when she plays. It is beautiful and something that stays in your heart long after she is finished playing.

So for now I want to become a student of the violin! I want to learn by way of the heart and I will one day play a hymn on the streets of Jerusalem! Thank You Lord for this opportunity, let me lay it at Your feet!

Happy 4th Anniversary

Yesterday was Bryan and I's 4th wedding anniversary! I received a gift I have dreamt about since the day I heard Tighe play years ago. I have my very own violin now and I am going to be taking lessons from Tighe! I literally have opened the case and "played" it over a dozen times. I dreamt about it last night and woke up excited like I was a kid the day after Christmas. I want this instrument to reflect my heart in joy and awe of who God is and what He has done. I am very nervous to begin lessons, but I will keep telling myself positive truthful things about music and what it does inside of us and not give up. I want to pray that God would give me the ability to play!!! Thank you my sweet husband! This is truly a gift from your heart directly to mine. I am cherishing this surprise and I will lend you my pink ear plugs if you ever need them while I am learning!