Monday, September 27, 2010


Lord, the most wonderful thing I realized during our trip to the Grand Canyon was the feeling of how small I was. I needed that. I needed to feel puny, insignificant and little. So often I feel like all my troubles and trials are HUGE, as if somehow these paths I walked carved my own canyon. Although they have shaped me like the earth carved by flowing water displayed before me, You told me that You are even bigger. Perhaps I spend too much time examining the water, the causes, and I don't take a step back and see the beauty these events have created. I sit in the deeps and get caught up in the flow of survival. I wonder, question, despair, and feel like these situations have somehow defined me even when I struggle to escape their reality. But You do not see them, you see me. I cannot run, so I sit and reflect upon what I saw...a depth of love that stretched as far as I could see. I chose to see the result, and I give Praise to You who reminds me gently that nothing is as it may seem, believe. Believe in the bigger picture, believe in the journey and never ever let anyone take that away from you, even if it is yourself.

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