Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meet Agilly

Meet Agilly-Furr. We got to know him well on our early morning hike down into the Grand Canyon. You can't tell, but the edge of the cliff was directly next to him, but Agilly was not afraid. In fact he pranced around almost as if he were showing off. That is how he inherited his name, he was SO agile, so Agilly stuck. We actually named many little creatures on our vacation...Bolt the baby mule-deer, Terri the Tarantula, and Gracie the other squirrel (notice how she spells it I-E!!!). Agilly was the most special critter of them all. He is actually my cell-phone screen saver. Every time I see him I get so happy remembering him.

Bryan and I stopped to eat a snack on the way back up the canyon and I should've known the commotion eating nuts would create. Every four-legged creature in the canyon must've been alerted to our stop. Agilly welcomely appeared and sniffed with his cute little sniffer, looked like he would cry and danced on the rocks for us as if to say "I'm!!!" Sadly, it is illegal to feed any wildlife in the park. So I'd like to say I stood my ground, strongly. But whose to say a tiny little Agilly-sized nut might have been left behind. I just don't know!?

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M said...

Haha! What a fun post about your trip to the Grand Canyon. I just love little creatures!