Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Photo Shoot Really Is.......

Just recently I did a photo shoot for a large family. The photos are beautiful, but it was the family that made the photos so special. All of their own personalities, their quirkiness, the playing and joking around happening because they gathered together to take these memories. I came home and reviewed their session on the computer and my eyes swelled with tears of joy. I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be that evening, in my ministry of Inspired by Grace Photography. Something deeper crept into my heart and I saw not just that moment that I had captured, but an entire vision sprawled across my mind. Their past journey of joys and sorrows, babies being born, deaths, scary times, confusing moments all led up to that specific time and date of this families photos. Before that day I am sure they made mistakes, did things they were ashamed about, worried, tried and failed, conquered. They are on a path and stopped to cross my world in those moments. It was then I captured their smiles, silliness, playfulness, and the things that made them a family and the things that brought them together if only for that hour or two. Everything was put aside, and they came together as a family and had fun.
After we were done, they got in their cars and drove away. They will face another journey now in the future. More trials, ups and downs, happiness and sorrows, hate and love and so many other unpredictable circumstances. Some moments might even bring complete change in sorrow. You never know how quickly life changes. But the Lord allowed me to be a part of a happy moment. The moment that they all have worked hard to get to. A moment they shared and will remember for the rest of their life. It was the day they smiled and laughed and took a family portrait to capture their love for each other as a family. The past and future didn't show up, it was just NOW, the present, it was the moment in front of them that mattered.See I am photographer, but I use a photo to declare a change and bring families together and remind them they love each other. I am blessed with this position to see two times meet. I freeze time so they can say well, "before this photo, this happened"....or "after this photo when that happened..." Something spiritual went on when I felt the depth of what I do. My photos are a positive time line for people to celebrate! It is an actuall weapon I believe to remind us of who we love and belong to, and to live in that moment to capture this bond and display it to help us remember our commitment no matter what happens in the future.
So yes I am a photographer, but I seek to do more than just taking photos for clients, events, and volunteer situations, I want to use my photos as a weapon against lies, I want to remind these people that there was a time they chose to be happy and celebrate the one true thing in this world, LOVE. There is an intensity when you desire to do this for the Lord. You want to tell a story, capture them accurately, but also do it for the right reasons. This is one of my new reasons. *atan doesn't want people to be reminded of loving each other. He wants to bring bad memories to your mind that will evoke hate, mistrust, anger and doubt. But not my photography...I pray my clients use them as a weapon against any attacks. I want the photos they order to be visions of their family as God sees them when He sees them together. That is what my heart thinks about before a photo shoot, and I believe it is truly a called profession that can be used as kingdom work.

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Angela said...

That is exactly what I felt you captured in our photo shoot, love. That is why I liked the ones of Brian and I the most and was surprised by them, in that moment, captured on film, we became once again what we were originally- a couple in love, not just a family, or parents, although that has it's own love too and I love those shots too.