Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Pit-of-DOOM!

Gracey loves when Bryan runs. When he was getting ready to run the marathon last year he would run around the track near our house and Gracey and I would sometimes go and show our support. When she saw him approaching us, she would take off as fast as her little Chawennie legs could go and actually keep up with him for an entire section of the field. She never got tired of "chasing" him. I think she is proud of him. Running and going to Lowe's with Bryan is heaven to her...well that and maybe a steak!

Bryan doesn't run as often as he wants to, working is enough of a marathon for him everyday, but he tries to exercise by running every now and then. In fact a week ago we all went to ACU and Gracey and I walked while Bryan ran around the campus. I try to time things to where we will meet up with him just as he is rounding the corner to finish. I knew we were cutting it close and we actually took a short cut through the Bible Building (yes, Gracey is VERY familiar with this building at ACU. We walk inside a lot during the summer because of the heat) to Jacob's Ladder and super-sonically-squeegeed across to see if he was there and low and behold here comes Bryan. I told Gracey "Daddy's here!!!" and she must've found some supernatural power and took off like her life depended upon finishing with him. I wanted to cut across a small portion of grass to the sidewalk where he was running towards us and ran ahead of Gracey. I knew she was behind me and before I knew it I was sloshing in a MASSIVE mud bank. I don't mean the tiny little rain induced brown was thick clayish mud that tried to take me captive. The momentum worked to my advantage and I peeled away with heavy casualties to my sneakers. But before I could even react...I heard another huge double-pawed slosh behind me. Yes, it was Gracey.

I looked over my shoulder to see Gracey completely in the thick mud looking stunned and a little baffled about what happened. It was up to her doggie shoulder's! It was dark when this happened, so we didn't have any warning about the short-cut. It was the perfect hidden trap of DOOM! But there was a goal, nevertheless, and the focus was Bryan. She came through with vengeance, lept with all her might and continued to road-runner her way to Bryan and made it just in time.

As we turned around to walk back to our car all you saw were these incredibly muddy foot and paw prints down the side walk! I laughed the whole way home as I replayed the scene in my head. Ahh, the fun little surprises in life! I needed to laugh that night. Poor Gracey. She got a bath when we got home!


Leah said...

I am so, so incredibly happy that we were able to meet up this weekend! Thank you for having us over on such short notice and for blessing us!! I love you and Gracey (and would probably love Bryan too had we been able to meet him!) and hope we get the chance to be together again, next time with pugs, too!!! Have a blessed day!

M said...

You should have taken mud pictures!!! :) And by the way, I am so totally planning a future trip with my future kiddos to visit/meet you, Brian, and Gracey! I feel like we have been friends forever.