Tuesday, October 05, 2010


September was wonderful! Bryan and I celebrated our 4th anniversay! My Mother-in-law got married and we saw tons of family and friends. A sweet friend from Massachusetts came and visited us. The week after we left for our Grand Canyon adventure for over 10 days. Then I had a small college reunion at the Lake House!

Violin is going amazing. I have had 4 lessons and continue to learn so much every week. I feel blessed every time I play. Notes reach into your soul and draw out a prayer that doesn't even need words. It is like a direct link in worship to God's throne. I will have my first recital next month. It will be hilarious! There will be all these small children who probably play tons better then me, and then me! Can you see it? I will LOVE it!

Gracey seems to be doing much better. I think the heat bothers her a lot. The weather seems to be relenting a little and we are able to take longer walks. She still rests a lot, but her last tests came back stable and even better than it has been. Gary, my new Father-in-law is a vet and has been so gracious and loving to Gracey and watches her closely.

We have had no new foster placements since Nevaeh and Jazmine left about a month ago. Before that we had Isaiah, Nevaeh, Haylee, Devin, and Jase. We are going to dedicate a portion of a wall and put everyone's photo's up to remember them and keep praying for them. I am not sure what our future holds with CPS Fostering, but I know because of all these children, and our own babies we have waiting with Jesus, we have become who we are today. Adoption is in our hearts and we pray for God's blessing to bring our kids to us.

Inspired by Grace is blessing me incredibly. I have been asked to take pictures for the Heart Gallery of Texas which is a website designed to show kids available for adoption. I take photos for the site of the adoptable kids. I also am continuing this year to help at Field of Faith. With photo shoots and other fun opportunities, I am asking God to continue blessings IBG.

My Lupus has been more stable lately which has been a relief. I began my cellcept treatment months ago and it was a difficult transition in finding the right dose. I did very well for the amount of traveling we did.


Katie said...

So glad to see an update from you!!! Happy (belated) Anniversary!! I also think it's so neat that you're doing violin lessons. I hope Tighe is giving you lots of homework. ;) We miss you guys!! Blessings on IBG! Our home is full of portraits you've taken for us, and Maddy continually points out baby Amelia in the new ones you took for us before we left!! Keep yourself healthy! Love ya!!

Angela said...

smiling after reading up on my dear friend's life, so happy God has given her a great month and dancing in my seat to "made to love" playing on your playlist with the girls on my lap, dancing and smiling too.

Jennifer said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful September. I can't wait to hear more about the Grand Canyon and all your other adventures:-) Praise God lupus has been stable! I love so much to see my prayers for you being answered! You are my sweet sister and I love that your doing so good! I continue to pray that God blesses you, Bryan, Gracey and IBG! Love you!

Leah said...

Olivia!! We will be in Abilene this weekend and would love to see you if possible!