Saturday, October 09, 2010

What Will You Believe?

And so what will you believe?
Do you believe when it is easy to? Convenient? Not a challenge?
How do I believe when I feel like I can't?
Do I fake it? Make myself by telling myself I can?
Is it wrong to doubt? Struggle? Collapse under the weight that strives to bring me down?
Who answers,
When there is just silence to my cries?
Who holds me
When I am all alone in the dark.
Why do I have to pretend?
Is it to make others more comfortable?
I know the Truth and believe,
but I want to feel it, now.
I want it to be tangible
I want to know what I know
So Lord I come to You again, broken and bare
I ask for Your Comfort, Love, and Purpose
Show me, show up
and I will wait, I will always wait
for You.

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