Thursday, November 04, 2010

Antelope Slot Canyon, AZ

I often wondered if there were places such as these, a hidden beauty only admired because of the sun's Light. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't walk these sandy caverns, halfway feeling like I was not somehow on earth anymore. I wonder what it would've been like without a guide or a timed visit. I envy the National Geographic Team that took days basking in the glory of God's whispering hues of Love. Perhaps there are still places here after all that offer a tiny fraction of God's original canvas. If there ever was a place that did, I know it would be here.

Opening of the cavern. It looks like a simple crack in the desert rock, but that was hardly the case.

Inside the Antelope Slot Canyon. These walls were almost ribboned with every color of red, orange, and even purple.

The sand at the bottom of the photo is several hundred feet below the top of the sun shining rim.

Here is Bryan inside the cavern to show how deep and tall it is.

Look at those shades of PINK!!!!

This is one of the most surprising photos I got that day. It is in no way altered (none of these are). I used a different exposure on it and didn't know I captured this neat shade of blue until later on. The tour went really fast and I already was slowing everyone down, so I just snapped as fast as I could with my HUGE stand! I couldn't help it!!! I think the stand still has some souvenir dust in it!

I can imagine sitting in here and journaling or playing music. I think I could totally live here! What do you think? It was nice and cool, but very dusty...Bryan would be dusting A LOT! And I guess I would have to be an Indian, since it is on an Indian reservation. Oh well...but I can still dream, right?


Della said...

Very beautiful Olivia! The West does have some amazing places to see. Fantastic photos!

BK said...

I love the way you see things!