Monday, November 01, 2010


Gracey has been a part of the PET Therapy team for 3 years now! I am so proud of her and truly honored. There have been so many times I have come home in tears because the Lord brought someone beautiful into my life as Gracey snuggled by their hospital bed. I feel like I have been given this special gift: a glimpse of someones life at a moment perhaps they are not proud of, not entirely themselves, or even wondering what the future may hold. To be let into someones heart at their darkest hour shows me hope and propels me to continue even when I feel like giving up. Gracey is the perfect tool to do this. Bryan's Grandmother, Ge-Ma, was able to come up to the hospital one time with us because we were going to see our friends son, Isaiah, who was very ill. It was a special trip just for a couple of minutes and Ge-Ma came with us and she always tells me how different Gracey acted as we approached the hospital. She says Gracey stood taller, tail perked, and ears attentive! Gracey knows the hospital, but more than that she knows people and can sense their sadness and wants to love them even when they are sick, crippled, or may never leave the hospital again alive. I have often prayed for Gracey's calling and asked God if it is possible for a dog to be anointed, that He would allow her to Love people in His Name. I think it really happened last week when I took this photo of Gracey on this little girls lap. I am not allowed to disclose much information, but this little girl was very sick, and had been sad all morning and smiled finally when Gracey sat on her lap. Gracey sat with her for over 15 minutes, did a couple of tricks, and Loved her before she had to go and get more tests. I asked her Mom if I could take this photo and she consented. It is one of the most precious photos I have of Gracey helping someone.

There are many neat events we are a part of in PET therapy. One event we did a couple of weeks ago was the Paws for a Cure. It was a PINK day!!! Imagine how excited I....ummm, I mean Gracey was!!! We went to help raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer with the PINK firetrucks. The Cougarettes were there cheering them on and our sweet friend Hope was dancing and snatched Gracey! Hope and Gracey were our flower girls at our wedding, so they have a special bond. All the girls ohhh'd and awwwhhh'd at Gracey. She was passed along and cuddled the WHOLE time!

Gracey and the Cougarette's. Hope is holding her.

In the spirit! This photo is on the main page for this event on facebook! She is one famous Chawennie! She stuck her tongue out to make sure there was plenty of PINK!!!

Here is the PET therapy team posing in front of one of the really cool pink firetrucks! I think I need one of these!!!

That night Bryan surprised me with tickets for "Barage"! It was a contemporary violin concert that was incredible!!!!

Me and my sweet hubby! I LOVE YOU!!!

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M said...

Love all the attention Gracey was getting for a good cause! That violin concert sounds like it was a great date for you and Brian. <3