Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I Will Find You

Ok, so this has to be said and read before you listen to the excerpt below! This is not a professional recording...in fact it is completely UNPROFESSIONAL with my stirring of pasta as my background vocals!!! Ha-ha...ok, well it was cheese and spinach tortellini! I have been praying for a friend of mine and thinking about how sometimes we feel like we are lost, not just in a simple way, but sometimes even deeper to where we wonder if anyone even knows where we are. I have had many seasons where I have wondered if I even knew where I was. I didn't feel like myself, I felt a heavy pressure over my heart as I was trying to process things and events and it seemed that no one even understood how scary it felt to be lost. I even questioned if God saw me at all. Did He leave me, would He find me again and let my heart breathe in the peace of His comfort? It was when I thought of the times like these I started to sing "I Will Find You." It was as if I somehow already knew it and have sung it before. The only thing I had on me was my Blackberry (I LOVE ME BLACKBERRY!!!) and I voicenoted me singing it real quick as I was getting dinner ready. It is a horrible recording, but it is the meaning of that specific moment as the Lord was giving me this song for my friend, that is recorded here.

Have Faith in the times where you don't know where you are, because God knows, and He will find you and never let you go.

(make sure you hit "stop" on the player at the bottom of the blog, it plays automatically with the blog!, so you can hear "I Will Find you" from this post)


Candace J Banks said...

thank you so much olivia! it's beautiful! i love you, my sweet sister and friend! thank you so much for continually praying for me. Your friendship is a blessing and a precious gift from the LORD!

Angela said...

so sweet!