Thursday, November 11, 2010

Successful Violin Recital

Tonight was my very first violin recital with Soul Strings! I have been looking forward to this night and I am SO happy it finally arrived! I have been so blessed by playing the violin these last 2 months. In some ways it feels as though the violin has always been a part of my life somehow! I played 3 pieces. I started with a duet with Rachel and played "Holy, Holy, Holy" which is the very first song I learned on the violin. It is also the song I played at the Grand Canyon! Rachel did a wonderful job, yet sadly it was a rough rendition for me tonight. I commend Rachel for holding it together while I played the harmony the first time through. After that we switched and I played the melody, which is what I knew better. But wow, my bow hand was shaking!

After this I finally was able to let my surprise for Bryan be revealed! It felt SO good to be able to play this for him. I was keeping it a secret until tonight and it certainly turned out to be! He didn't even get to read the program and when I got up and announced my surprise and the song, he truly had no clue. And more than that, I ACTUALLY PLAYED IT WELL! Besides one minor little slip, I feel like I did a good job! Bryan was able to record it so I could show my family and it is posted here below! It is called "Israeli Songs."

Finally, directly after this piece, I was able to share another song I wrote on the piano. I walked into one of my lessons and couldn't resist the BEAUTIFUL thousands of dollar piano in front on me in the room and told Tighe I HAD to play it! Several weeks before, on Natalie's Angel Day, a song came to my heart for her and I played it that day and Tighe asked me if I would play it at the recital. She was having other students play piano as well to show other skills. I was so blown away that she would ask me to share this song. And to know that it symbolized something so tender and sweet that the Lord was doing meant the world to me. The song is about Natalie and the roller coaster I went through as I was so excited to be expecting her, then to find out the bad news, and ultimately lose her. The idea of a "heartbeat" is strong in the song. But, at the end, I want it to be known, the song offers God's Hope. I play a rhythm on one chord and then a higher, and that is the breaking free of possible Hope even when you don't understand. Below is me playing Natalie's Song at tonight's recital.

Bryan surprised me too! He bought me a beautiful boquet of flowers that smelled SO good!

Rachel and I!

Rachel, Tighe (our teacher), and I.

All of the students with Tighe! What an AMAZING Teacher filled with God's Annointing!


Angela said...

I love how you always share your heart. so wonderful to get to see some of the recital and two of my favorite people!

M said...

What an amazing gift you have with the violin! After only two months, it sounded great. Thank you for sharing the videos, it was really neat to be able to see you "in person"! I got tears in my eyes as I listened to/watched both videos. Beautiful!