Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Phase II

Phase II is coming along slowly but nicely! It is our cottage in the back that we have been renovating with a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen/living space. Bryan just recently made a change and decided to add on a walk-in closet and has been working on this the past two days as much as he can. I am SO proud and blown away that he knows how to do things like this without any floor plan or diagrams. He gets the supplies and off he goes and creates beautiful things! (I still need to post what he made for me for Christmas!) It is so cute, I mean MANLY, to watch him with all his tools and gadgets! I am excited to see it when it is all done!


Angela said...

Yeah Bryan! Love the sloping ceiling in the shower. Way to go! yeah, totally want to see what he made you for Christmas.

Katie said...

Oh my goodness!! He's doing a fabulous job!!! I know you must be excited!!! What is your plan for this cottage upon completion?!?! :-)