Thursday, January 13, 2011


I love winter. I love cold crisp days that make you want to snuggle and drink hot chocolate. But is bitter cold worth it without snow? If I have to endure cold, I want the real cold...with blustering snow falling all around me! My family and friends had a huge snowstorm yesterday and accumulated over 16 inches of powedery heaven!!!

One really neat thing I've noticed this winter is all the many bird nests in the trees. I couldn't tell they were there in the summer. They were hidden by the leaves. But with winter here, all the leaves are gone and I can see so many nests everywhere! Then it occured to me: how often we don't notice and see the "life-giving" things that happen in our lives until so much of the outer-layers are taken away! Somtimes, often only in the "winters" of our lives, we find out what truly remains that nuture and sustain us. Winters are not as fun as springs, but they can show us what we are made of and remind us of who we are when all other distractions are gone.

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Angela said...

great analogy, thanks for the revelation.

also, funny how your winter pic looked like fall here. I would gladly send you some of the snow if I could ;) Also you mentioned that snow was heavenly- I have an idea that maybe there is snow in heaven, but it is warm snow! or perhaps we will have bodies that won't feel cold?? That would work for me too!