Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nooma: Rain

Bryan and I have been watching the Nooma videos. They are 10 minute Bible Lesson videos that really seem to have a profound way of sharing an idea of God's character. Yesterday we watched his first video called "Rain" and I actually cried at the end. I found it to post here, but it was for a Spanish audience so there are captions in Spanish at the bottom. All the English ones were only clips. But it works! We rent the Nooma DVD's from our library. They are all really neat.

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Angela said...

thanks for sharing. Made me cry too. Starting when he said "As his father, I would do ANYTHING to get him home". So beautiful. I'm not good about appreciating my struggles, but I'm learning maybe a little. love you much. Also was it you who recommended the King's speech? We saw it because of however said it had been good and it meant a lot to Brian and spoke to him greatly.