Sunday, May 08, 2011

Come Home

Eternal lives call out to the living
and the living call out to the eternal

both cry urgently and say the same thing
yet it is blocked by death itself,
they cannot hear each other

but if they would...

the eternal would call out
the living would call out
and say to each other through tear stained cheeks
the same thing,

"my beloved, I miss you, come Home."

* I wrote this the day Josiah's stoned was place. I had a vision of everyone in the cemetery in heaven longing and waiting for those they love to be there with them. They wanted those that grieved them to come Home to Heaven, to the eternal, to Jesus and His Love. Then I saw the people who are living on the earth grieving for their children, sisters, husbands, or friends. They were in deep distress, missing their beloveds, wanting them here again and wanting them to just"...come...home..." Then it struck me that both of these realms of people are asking the same question of the other, they want them to come home.