Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Went Home

You were here
imprinted upon my soul
like a stamp, brand, tattoo
So many months dreaming
of your arrival
it's where you were supposed to be
but you never came home

Can you pray enough?
Beg, plead or barter?
No one could bare it for me
I was alone
but you were there
2 hearts beating
mine and yours
but again, you never came home

It was a dream
no, a nightmare
one you want to wake up from, but can't
I wanted to save you
I was running but could never reach you in time
I wanted to grab you close to me, bring you home
but you never did come home

Shock, grief, anger
black, burial, tombstone
you left me alone
I miss you, I love you
Death robbed me of joy
But where, sweet child did you go?
You whispered and told me
"Mommy I went home."

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