Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Problem with Pain

You never thought when you experience loss that anything could ever amount to that pain. But Oh No. don't look upon it as a finality. As long as we keep living we will see a bigger pit, a smoke rising, and the endless flow of tears. The earth is full of it. It passes, ebbs, and conquers the weak and innocent. It is unavoidable, unquenchable, and as real as the air in our lungs. The price we pay for living is just is that we live. We feel, we hurt, we cry. It cannot be separated from our being...our existence. The only way-the only Hope is Jesus. He claims, reclaims and conquers. The world is no longer His, but OH, how our hearts can be. Oh how our lives can be. So what of this earth? We are what matters anyway. We have to chose to look beyond the blockers *atan puts in our way...THE REAL ONES...pain. The REAL kind of PAIN that doesn't ever go away. The ones we carry inside us forever. The ones that confuse us and keep us awake at night. The ones that will never be satisfied with how many "why's" it is asked. We have to somehow pull ourselves away from the path these things try to push us to. We have to chose Jesus. He is the only thing that makes sense. And this IS the war my friends. THIS is the TRUE battle. It is real. It is what keeps people from God. I believe nothing can keep someone away from God better than pain from sorrow. NOTHING. Not doubt, hatred, or even jealousy. All these can be dealt with and overcome because it is a result of bitterness and selfishness. But it is the pain that is so deep that only being with God could ever Justify it that blocks people from God's Love. Knowing God's Truth doesn't eliminate pain or sorrow (another blog soon to come). Saying "God is Good" and it being true doesn't somehow miraculously get rid of our hurt. It is a complete act of Faith. Only choosing Truth, not even FEELING it emotionally, can be a weapon. Perhaps that's why Jesus quotes scripture when tempted. He could only state Truth because what he felt was real. But it PROVES the Power of scripture nevertheless. With merely quoting scripture (not necessarily even feeling Holy at the time) *atan flees!!! This is my weapon. I will chose to Believe Jesus. I Believe You. I Believe You care. You cry with me and desire for me to concentrate on eternity not be swallowed in the temporary. Show me how. Let my eyes be open to this treasure.

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