Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Gracey's New Ramp:The Bee's Knee's

Gracey is truly the Bee's Knee's. I have often wondered what that even means. I have only come up with the fact that bee's carry pollen on their knees to make honey...so technically the are very important and sweet! That's Gracey...sweet and excellent. But the truth is her knee's aren't acting really bee-ish. They are hurting her because she has luxating patella's. Her knee caps aren't able to stay in place so they pop in and out and sometimes cause her whole leg to lock. A few weeks ago she had a bad lock up and since then I have been trying to help her not jump on things. Our back door has a pretty lofty step and I have been wanting to create something easier for her to manage. And the other day Bryan and I accomplished a brand new Chawennie-RAMP! Again, I am amazed by Bryan's carpentry skills. He didn't need a plan or blue print. A measuring tape and a quick trip to Lowe's was all he needed....and of course me! I was Mrs. PowerTool that day. We had fun building this ramp for her and were curious to see how she would react to it. I knew we had to put some sort of "training wheel" on it so she wouldn't jump off or on the sides, so the white garden wire may be temporary so she will get used to it. She seems so happy with it and easily goes on and off of it.

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BK said...

I think you are the bee's knees, also. You did a great job!