Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Extending over miles along the border of New Mexico and Texas lies a road chased by railroad tracks and a small sign with one word upon it...Progress. I could only chuckle as we drove by it on our 10 hour drive. I could only hope that on the way back the Lord would somehow show me where the sign was to take a picture. It was upon my birthday we ventured home and the great look-out began for this beloved sign. When Bryan saw it, I was elated! I knew it symbolized so much on my birthday. So there is a sign called Progress, a hope that runs as long as that road home and even some more. God has stood by me and I have found my way. He is my rock and my strength and my refuge is in God.

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Angela said...

you are an amazing woman! and I agree with you in Spirit- progress for you, for me ;) We are all on a journey and have to, have to move in the right direction.