Saturday, December 17, 2011


There's a reason God says "walk by Faith and not by sight." The world tells us one thing, yet the heart says another. God speaks to the heart and see’s its grasps. He knew we needed to hear that Faith is not something that our bodies do by what it experiences, but rather what we know when we close our eyes...our hearts.

Faith isn’t meant to be a pretty word on a magnet. In all reality, Faith...REAL FAITH, isn’t always pretty on the eyes. It’s like watching a movie about the Holocaust and seeing a grotesque stick figure being beaten. It’s not always comfortable to watch or look at. It will make you want to turn away and ignore it. It’s like a starving child on TV, a man about to get killed in battle, or a sick body unrecognizable on a gurney. True Faith is not necessarily a feel-good situation. Sometimes it’s a person walking blindly in the dark, battered, bruised, hungry, and tired...BUT it’s that THEY KEEP GOING IN HOPE. That is Faith. The end result or possible victory is unknown, but they Believe.

We pacify and diminish Faith. Perhaps at one immense opportunity to have True Faith, we’d fail instantly. We’d replace Faith with “it’s not fair!” or “I’m not strong enough!” or even “Then maybe there is no God.” I am not talking about a traumatic moment where these questions can lead to healing. I am talking about an anger we submit to whose only purpose is to lead us away from God, and because we don’t understand, we allow it to do just that. Real Faith is what you decide when you really can’t feel the emotion of it in your heart. It’s what you have when you are just about to give up. It’s not something that instantly changes or gratifies your soul or solves what’s going on. It doesn’t result in an immediate reward or the pain automatically vanishing. It doesn’t subside our sorrow. It is walking forward one step at a foot in front of the other. Faith is not a feeling, sometimes it is a choice. But there can be triumph!

Faith is a weapon because *atan doesn’t want us to walk forward. He doesn’t want us to forget our past, our hurts and trials. He wants us to remember them so they cripple us and cause us to doubt. He wants us to stop moving forward, give up and act upon what we see or have seen and experienced as if somehow all the bad in our lives was a punishment or because God did them to us. The reality of the world is that there is an enemy and he destroys the Holy and Righteous. And sometimes it looks as if he wins, but he does NOT. We CAN choose to believe and have Faith even when we do not see the result. That is exactly what 2 Corinthians 5:7 means when God says “walk by Faith and not by sight.” Choosing Faith is brave and it can shake the ETERNAL realms. It is a freedom that is NOT welcome by the enemy. When we can learn how to recognize this Truth, we will be able to hear the Lord and have a great Peace and Love no matter what happens. We will not be like the seed that gets choked by the trials and tribulations (that are real situations not just recognizable) mentioned in Matthew 13. There are BEAUTIFUL consequences when we have Faith. But there cannot be Faith without something else on the other side to NOT choose. It is only Faith when we are nearly sacrificing what our bodies want to do... to not believe, be offended, and give up. There is NOTHING God cannot walk with us through. We may feel like we are alone and that our Faith isn’t working, but GOD cares for us so much. He knows where we are and He see’s you.

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