Wednesday, January 04, 2012

1,000 Gifts

Someone recommended the book 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp to me and I began reading it and feel like she is writing my heart. I found this video excerpt with tons of ideas and challenges she states from her book and really feel it is the perfect first post for 2012. It is so easy when you experience pain and suffering to get lost in the endless questions and how much life sometimes is not fair. I had made the choice months and months ago to not "turn off" living even though I had a reason to go under the covers and not ever come out again...ever. I too, with tons of encouragement and prayer, went back to the basics. I did that years ago when I began this blog in 2004 while I was going through Chemo. I couldn't look at the big picture anymore because it didn't make any sense. The harder I tried to figure it out, the more unclear it got and the more offended I became. I had to concentrate on the little things. This is how I began my journey and ministry with Photography. I wanted to see the little beauty in the world and rejoice in the small things we so easily pass by. I consider the time I have had recovering and becoming well a blessing in disguise. Although it has been so hard having to limit what I do, be left out of things I wanted to be a part of, and have people not understand my limitations, I have been given a gift that is rare in this world....time...and time to seek the Lord. I only pray that I used every moment possible to do this. I pray that my attitude didn't ruin a moment that I could have seen something beautiful. I have treasures in my heart that I am praying the Lord will release me to write someday, but for now nothing comes as close as 1,000 Gifts.

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