Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Bella!

Our niece, Bella, turned 4 yesterday. It seems nearly impossible to me, yet here she is 4 now, a big girl, not a toddler or a baby, not quite yet a little lady. She floats somewhere in between. My sister asked Bella what she would like for her special birthday dinner. She could get anything she wanted!!!! What a treat!!!! Could she want a pizza? No. Maybe a yummy cheese burger and french fries? Nope! She wanted.........a LOBSTER!!!!!!!!!!!! A LOBSTER for her birthday dinner!!!!!!!!!! I have never laughed so hard in a long time. When Uncle B and I called her we asked her about her yummy birthday dinner. "Did he pinch you Bella?" we asked. "Noooooo (huge laugh), he was dead (more laughing)." Then she proceeded to tell us that she ate nearly the ENTIRE thing. I am very impressed with her highly qualified taste and indulgence. I honestly can't even look at a lobster without either feeling sorry for them or wanting to flee running and screaming! I guess I need to grow up!!!!!!! Happy Birthday sweet Bella. We love you.


BK said...

Great Post!

Katelyn said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Happy birthday, little one!