Monday, April 16, 2012


You know the e-mail appears from someone you know, or someone you haven't heard from in a million years.  You open it up and then realize it is for a nasty url address.  I have dreaded the day when I would be taken advantage of, and this weekend it happened.  My e-mail address sent out tons of inappropriate e-mails.  Last night I couldn't help but think of people that do these type of things.  What kind of perverted thrill does someone have to hack into an e-mail system and send out an e-mail to every address in there about disgusting topics?  Do they really think it is funny?  It is incredibly sad to me that someone would actually think what they did is comical.  Maybe it is a power hungry thrill.  Maybe they have been violated and feel the anger drawing them to hurt others.  The enemy seeks people like this to do his work.  It isn't surprising, but it still feels so wrong and horrible.  I remember years ago late at night someone tried to scam us over the phone saying they needed help getting an airplane ticket because their Aunt suffered from epilepsy, fell down a flight of stairs, into a paint bucket, then it started raining and yellow polka-dots appeared on her forehead and kangaroo's were jumping all around them swiping their claws and angrily yelping to save them from the evil hippo that threatened their colony.  At least that is the way I remember them saying it.  What will people come up with next?  Make sure your information is safe.  Change your passwords often.  Don't enter personal information unless you absolutely know it is safe.  Be wise and guard your eyes, hearts, and homes.

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M said...

Olivia! I wanted to let you know I am back on blogger! I finally have a computer at home again and am planning to get back into the swing of things. Check out my blog to see what we have been up to. :) I have been so grateful for all of your prayers and support. I count you as a true sister in Christ.