Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Journey

The many trees lined evenly down the dirty worn-out path.  The familiarity brought me comfort.  It was as though overnight a bag of marshmallows burst open and puffy white sweetness covered every branch in their festive attire of spring’s arrival. It was inviting and cheerful, a scene perhaps only a child would appreciate to its fullest.  And while I was far from youth, I savored this display as though simply walking those few steps somehow transported me back those many years to when I was free, when I was happy.  The wispy clouds seemed to reflect its mirrored delight below and both swayed gently to the soft crisp breeze as if they were greeting one another in their usual friendly “good morning.”  It was something so familiar, yet everything seemed changed somehow.  The canvas before me brought my thoughts to the winter we’ve just come from.  As rough as they were for me at my age, I truly enjoyed the snows soft caress and the warmth I shared nestled with those I love on those bittersweet evenings most never appreciated.  Maybe it was God’s way of saying to be together, to hold each other close and somehow stop time.  If I closed my eyes just enough, those memories almost seemed reachable again.  As I emerged into my marshmallow forest, I imagined what it would be like beyond these woods.  These thoughts initially surprised me.  But perhaps there was more.  Perhaps even contentment can give way to discovery. Perhaps discovery gives way to trial and trial therein reveals who you are.  I gazed above, imagining I’ve entered my secret world.  The ground faded and I felt the earth transform to softness beneath my bare feet.  In that moment, I floated into my dreams.  I could not tell you what was real or realer.  My heart beat rhythmically with the music that filled my head and heart and I knew at that very moment I would never be the same again. 

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