Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

No one knew we were pregnant unless they saw me.  It was so hard, but I truly felt like the Lord was telling me to "walk with Me" and not worry about telling others.  Some people don't understand still.  But I do not regret our choice.  After burying 5 children before Micah, I didn't feel like I could handle telling everyone and have the pressure.  Instead, as I thought about how to address it, the Lord simply assured me everyday, and it became a beautiful Peace to wake up with my heart on His Promise, rather than needing to know constantly that it would be ok.  My world became focused on the Lord so intensely, that I believe it made a huge difference in the outcome and call on Micah's life. Sometimes what God does in your heart can be between only you and Him.  We cannot wait for others or have the pressures of others influence what God is asking of us...and it may be for our own good.  It doesn't have to be explained to others, justified or even make sense.  When the Lord asks you something, you follow.  Although my fear was present from time to time, it did not lead me or cause my heart to wander far.  God was there...He was working powerfully.

Last photo of me pregnant before Micah was born.  Bryan bought this
tree for me for Mother's Day and planted it for me!

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Mandy said...

What a beautiful expectant mom! <3 I was so joyful when I read the news of Micah's birth and understood immediately why it was that you kept it hushed. I rejoice with you at the miracle that God has done! :)