Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012

Micah survives the first 24 hours.  One of the initial hurdles they wondered about.  They told us the first 24 hours is critical as well as the first week.  Doctors explained the first couple of days is the "honeymoon" period.  Babies are in a "show off" mode and when things settle down they truly show what help they will need.  They expected her to need a lot...if she survived at all.  I muster up enough strength to hop in a wheel chair, trust Bryan to wheel me to the NICU, and stand up briefly to see my Micah.  She is small, frail, but I know she is strong. 

One of our closest friends came to walk with us during this time.  During the C-section, they normally do not allow any other people, even the Fathers there.  But I asked the doctors and staff to somehow allow Bryan to be there because I didn't know if Micah would live and if she only lived a small amount of time, I wanted Bryan to be the one with her when she went to heaven.  The doctor agreed.  Bryan suited up and was allowed in the room after I had been put to sleep.  I remember so much from that morning.  I remember them wheeling me down the hall wondering what will happen, but also knowing the Lord was there and having complete trust.  I remember calling out for one more hug from Bryan after they started wheeling me away, and they accommodated me and let him run down and hug me.  The room was cold, and FILLED with people...they were every where.  15 people were present that morning.  I had my team of doctors and Micah had hers.  I was so scared. 

We also had set up with the NICU that Ana would be allowed there with Micah in case Micah didn't live long after she was taken away from Bryan and I.  They allowed this and now that I look back at how tight the NICU security is, I amazed the Lord provided this blessing as well.  I asked Ana to sit there with her and sing over her.  I kept telling Ana "just sing over her, praise over her, tell her who God is and how strong He made her."  Ana did for hours that morning.  She later told me how nurses warned her to "enjoy her while you can."  They did not expect Micah to live long.  They did not expect Micah to walk away from the NICU without major problems....but OUR GOD REIGNS!!!!!  She walked away.  She is of the 1% category of preemies who walk away without any major medical interventions or problems.  When we left the NICU on October 3 2012, many many nurses and doctors repeated that they DO NOT see things happen like this...they do not see 23 weekers leave the NICU with no problems.  JEHOVAH JIREH!

Checking in on Micah

Our sweet little girl.

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Angela said...

Wow- wow, wow, I hope you can get your story out to many, many other parents who like you have fought for their children's lives or will need to. Such a victory! So happy for all of you. We have a friend who is battling with suicidal thoughts and a Christian told us that if we can just praise, praise, praise over her that healing will come. Inspired by your story and by grace.