Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012

Micah has had several blood transfusions.  Her IV line in her belly button will not last much longer.  The syringe in the photo is her feed.  She eats my breast milk only 2 cc's at a time.  It is such a small amount that it is able to drain into her feeding tube just by normal pressure.  

Much encouragement is starting to come in from around the world as people hear about our situation, and join us in prayer for our daughter.  Two sweet little girls made these cards for me and Micah.  We felt the Lord's presence and Love through so many believers.  Time after time we would open up a letter, receive a phone call, or get a text with an encouraging word that we needed to hear at the exact moment.  God sent us warriors to battle with us...and a lot of them happened to be children.

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