Monday, July 02, 2012

Victory is the Lord's

How do I write my heart? 
Is it even possible? 
Could words do justice? 
If you could but look into my eyes and see what I see. 
If you could but look into my heart and know my path, 
You would see Who leads me here, 
You would see Who guides my each day. 
What could life now offer me but Joy? 
What could morning bring but Hope?
What could I say?
Just that Victory is in the Lord

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Katelyn said...

Olivia, thank you for your prayers. You are so kind to lift me up the the Lord when you have your precious girl to pray for! I will be in Fort Worth for a doctor appointment and wish I could see you, but I don't want to expose you or Brian to anything I have; instead, can I leave a package with the NICU nurses for Micha Ahava? My prayers are with you three and I am so glad she is doing so well!