Thursday, August 02, 2012


Just a quick update...Micah is doing FABULOUS on C-PAP!!!! We are all so amazed at the strength and healing the Lord is giving Micah!!! She has been doing so well breathing on her own!!! The doctor said the next step is Vapotherm. This could be a matter of several weeks. Micah has also been doing really well with the non-nutritive breast feeding! We have been able to practice 3 times already and she is really doing well. Once we switch to Vapotherm, we will be able to breast feed for nutrition. It is a sweet blessing from the Lord and I am very happy to be able to comfort Micah in this way. Our holding times have been incredible!!! The shortest we have been able to hold her is about 2 hours. Today I held her for 4 hours!!!!! I felt so happy. I am able to move her, switch her positions, and kiss and touch her without being worried about it bothering her.  Don't know if you read updates from Bryan's blog, but several weeks ago we elected not to do a spinal tap and just do an extra week of antibiotics.  She had 2 infections and normally they check for meningitis as well, but we felt the Lord telling us to not have the spinal tap done because it is very invasive and they were already worried they would not get any fluid out to begin with to test because she is so small.  So she still has one more week of medicine left and then we can take her PICC line out and as the doctor said...."Be done with that chapter!!!"  Thank you for praying!!!

Micah on C-PAP!  Hip-Hip-HURRAY!!!!

Gracey on C-PAP!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!  We brought
this home for Gracey to sniff and HAD to
try it on her!!

Look at that sweet face!!!!  She was holding her
binky all by herself!  What a BIG girl!!!

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jscloud said...

I am so very glad to see this blog and happier to read of how well she is doing as well as how long you are getting to hold/snuggle with her! She is so very precious and a wonderful miracle from God.